Saturday, November 04, 2006

How To Beat Rising Gasoline Prices

by: Andrew Dillan

With Gas Prices at an all-time high, how can you get to where you’re going without breaking the bank? Don’t worry, you don’t have to give up driving altogether!

1. Compare Gas Prices

The advent of the internet has made comparison shopping much easier. There are many different websites that compare gas prices in different regions. Find out what gas station in your area has the cheapest prices before filling up. A few dollars here and there can really make a difference.

2. Carpool

Instead of giving up your car completely, try carpooling. This way you will be paying at least half the gas that you did before. If there is more than one person in your carpool, you will save even more. Carpooling to work can often be the best idea because you will likely have similar start and finish times.

If you don’t want to carpool because you are worried about the inconvenience, think about the time that you gain waiting or the time that you gain when it isn’t your turn to drive. You can use that time to read, to plan, or to do whatever feels right for you.

3. Be political

Write to your local representative to explain why you feel that gas prices are a major issue. Each letter or email sent to a senator, member of parliament, or other government representative counts for many voices, because politicians know that most people are too lazy to write in. So have your voice heard by writing. Try to change the problem entirely. You can even start off an email forward or get people to sign your letter before you mail it. This will help amplify your voice.

4. Know the system

You know that gas prices normally go up before long weekends. Often, prices rise before a weekend and fall slowly throughout the week. Chart the gas prices in your area to find out when the gas is the cheapest, and schedule to buy gas on that day.

5. Watch the pump price

If the pump price is very low, fill up! Even if you still have half a tank of gas, you might as well fill up now before prices get more expensive. It is easier to keep the top half of your gas tank full than to wait until your gas light goes on and start to panic about the high prices.

6. Use alternatives

Whenever possible, bike, walk, take the bus or subway, and think of creative ways to avoid using gas. If you can minimize your gas usage, then you will minimize your expenses.

The price of gas right now is rising, and because gas is a non-renewable resource, it will probably continue to rise. Do what you can to beat the prices. You can even buy a hybrid car, or an energy efficient car. Although you might not feel that you can afford to, with a good car loan, the money you save on gas could be going straight to your new car.

About The Author

Andrew Dillan is an editor at For information on how to find and pay for a fuel-efficient car (or any car!), visit The Guide to Car Loans today.


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