Friday, January 29, 2010

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Monday, November 13, 2006

Toyota Aurion Sports Concept & Aurion Sportivo SX6 / ZR6

The Australian International Motor Show proves once again that Aussies seem to be getting all the fun. And even though the Aurion Sports is just a Concept based on the Australian version of the Camry, they still get the chance to choose among two sporty version of the Aurion, dubbed Sportivo SX6 & ZR6 (they differ on the extra equipment). The latter are equipped with the same 272 Hp 3.5 V6 engine of the basic versions (0-100km/h in 7,4 sec & 228km/h top speed). Besides the full bodykit, the Sportivo SX6 & ZR6 get 17" alloys and a sport orientated suspension.
As for the Aurion Sports Concept, according to Toyotas it's purely an exterior styling exercise. But, in the press release they also add, "However, from a performance perspective a sports sedan based on the Aurion could be expected to be powered by a supercharged or turbocharged version of an advanced Toyota engine". Now that's something I'd love to see: a front wheel-drive, turbocharged Toyota with 350+ Hp!

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Audi A5 Coupe

Audi's upcoming A5 Coupe has been scooped in Paris performing the usual test runs. By the looks of it, Ingolstadt's BMW 3 Series Coupe contender is one step from production. Judging from the size of the A5 in the pics, Audi's new Coupe is most probably based on the next generation A4 platform.
As for the engine range, it will be equipped with Audi's 2.0 TFSI, 2.8 V6 FSI & 3.6 FSI , while the top spec S5 & RS5 versions are expected to use powerful V8 motors (atmospheric for the S5, turbocharged for the RS5). According to our latest information, the A5 Coupe will go on sale in summer/autumn 2007, with a cabrio version following in 2008

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Smart Fortwo Photos: False alarm

In the past few hours I've seen a series of allegedly official, 2007 Smart Fortwo photos (originating from ) going around in car-forums. Although they look like they could be the real thing, unfortunately they're not official but photoshops which were first published on Automotorundsport a few days ago along with the next generation Mercedes C-Class. As for the official photos of the 2007 Smart Fortwo, no need to worry as they will be on air sooner than you think -maybe even on, let's say, the 8th of November? Stay tuned...

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1964 Buick Electra 225 Convertible with a 620Hp V8

Now this classic is a little bit more like it. Apart from the fleet of funky granny Lurcenes, Buick's SEMA stand includes a beautifully restored 1964 Electra 225 Convertible fitted with a GM Performance Parts ZZ572 crate V8 engine pumping out an orgasm inducing 620Hp.
Along with the 620Hp V8, the modified Electra 225 features a Hydra-matic Turbo 400 automatic transmission and a custom radiator that's outfitted with twin electric fans. The car rolls on chrome 20" Boss Motorsports "312" 5spoke wheels and Michelin Pilot Sport tires. The body and interior retain their factory-stock looks, wearing a new coat of factory white paint and re-chromed trim. The top is white, with a black boot cover. The interior also is black, with the vinyl upholstery re-done to a factory appearance.

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Jay Leno's 650Hp Turbine-Powered EcoJet Supercar Concept

Tonight's Show host Jay Leno, a well known car-nut, revealed an impressive concept at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The Ecojet Supercar is powered by a Honeywell LT-101 turbine engine that runs on bio-diesel fuel producing 650Hp and 400 lb.-ft. of torque. The engine sits in a modified Corvette Z06 hydroformed aluminium frame with aluminium and magnesium structural and chassis components. The vehicle's shell is an advanced construction of carbon fiber over Kevlar.

If you're thinking that the styling is very reminiscent to Cadillac's current design language, your absolutely right as the EcoJet Concept was conceived by GM's Advanced Design Studio in California. Via:

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Honda Civic MUGEN Si Sedan - Sales start in Spring 2007

Based on the Civic Si, the Mugen Si looks nearly as sexy as the polar white Civic Sedan Type-R we saw a few weeks ago. Mugen packed this Si with a track-tuned suspension, aerodynamic body styling and a performance exhaust system. Planned for production in a limited quantity of 500 units a year, the Civic MUGEN Si sales will start in the US in spring 2007 with a retail price of less than 30,000 USD. More specifically:
The track tuned suspension lowers the vehicle by 0.6" (15mm) with highly aggressive spring and damper tuning for enhanced handling performance.
The full bodykit adds a front spoiler and sports grille, side spoilers, a rear diffuser and a rear wing. The lightweight MUGEN forged alloy wheels measure 18x7.5" and are shod with 215/40R18 summer tires.
The sports exhaust system reduces back pressure from the catalytic converter back resulting in an enhanced power curve.
Additional equipment includes front and rear MUGEN emblems along with a serial number placard on the instrument panel. A spherical aluminum shift knob replaces the standard knob.

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VW Thunder Bunny Concept

VW brings us a blast from the past with the Thunder Bunny Concept. For all of you who don't remember (me included), in the early '80s, before the GTI came to the US, a man named Bill Neumann founded the tuning firm Automotive Performance Systems (APS) which created the Thunder Bunny -based on the Golf / Rabbit. The new Thunder Bunny is an updated, thoroughly modern version of the original
Engine: The stock 2.5 liter engine gets a Garret turbocharger, which along with other revisions, boosts power to 225Hp -75 more than the stock 2.5 L. A performance clutch and Quaife differential were added to the powertrain while handling prowess comes from a suspension fitted with a Bilstein coil-over shock system and APS/Neuspeed sways bars, measuring 25mm front and rear.
Bodykit & Rims: The concept's body kit includes a larger central grille and a more muscular rear valance framing a twin R32-style exhaust. The 19" gold alloys are wrapped with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 235/35 tires. The front brakes are 328mm two-piece floating cross-drilled discs from Brembo, gripped by bunny-bedecked Brembo four-piston brake calipers. At the rear, 310mm disc brakes are fitted.
Interior: In the interior the Thunder Bunny obtains a stock GTI steering wheel in alcantara to go along with the upgraded upholstery and trim, a Neuspeed short-shift kit and custom spherical aluminum shift knob. Finally, stock GTI seats were recovered in black and white checkered tweed that echoes styling trends from the early '80s.

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2007 Subaru Forester Sports 2.5 X 173Hp & Sports 2.5 XT 224Hp

Not exactly the news someone would expect from a company like Subaru at a Show like SEMA. Basically, what we have here are two new versions of the Forester with a face job. To be specific, the 173Hp Forester Sports 2.5X and its turbocharged brother, the 224Hp 2.5XT, are distinguished from their siblings by a new front bumper and unique black mesh grille.
The Forester Sports 2.5 XT in addition features standard 17" alloy wheels while inside, both versions feature anthracite black fabric upholstery. Also, the roof rail crossbars have been deleted on the Forester Sports models, but remain available as an accessory.

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Chery Automobiles to supply Fiat with 1.6 & 1.8lt engines!

Could this be the end of the "Italian" world as we knew it? Well we'd better get used to the idea as Fiat signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Chinese car company, Chery.
According to this agreement, Chery Automobile will supply more than 100,000 1.6 and 1.8 lt gasoline engines for application in Fiat cars to be produced in China and... most importantly, outside China -though they didn't say which markets will receive the Chinese made engines (lets hope, not engineered). The two companies are engaged to sign the definitive supply agreement before year end.
PS: When Fiat's CEO, Sergio Marchionne says that he sees "the potential for a wider cooperation both in powertrains and, eventually, in other automotive sectors", i hope he doesn't mean something like this: GreatWall Panda
Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Fiat:"The agreement with Chery will give us the opportunity to further increase the competitiveness of our product range on the international markets. In the relation with Chery we see the potential for a wider cooperation both in powertrains and, eventually, in other automotive sectors"Yin Tongyao, President and General Manager of Chery Automobiles: " The successful cooperation between Chery and Fiat Auto shows Fiat's confidence and trust in Chery, and it is also an important step taking by Chery. The prospect of our cooperation is very promising

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2008 Mercedes E-Class

Can't say for sure whether the designers over at Auto Motor und Sport had inside info or not when they came up with the E-Class renderings, but they sure do look s-e-x-y! Something between a CLS and a S-Class, the next generation E-Class shown here combines tectonic elegance with Italian brio. Lets hope that when the car comes out late 2008 - early 2009, it will look a lot like these renderings.
Design apart, from what we gather the new E-Class will use a bunch of S-Class gimmicks and safety options. As for the engine range, in Europe, the basic model will use an updated version of the 1.8 Kompressor which will be presented next year -probably first on the SLK, while the top spec AMG will continue using the naturally aspirated 6.3 V8 541Hp engine found on the current E55 AMG. There will also be a hybrid version that will use the GM-Mercedes-BMW co-developed drivetrain -read more about it here: Carscoop. Via: Automotorundsport

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2008 Skoda Roomster Scout

These phone camera spy pics reveal that Skoda is working on an crossover edition of its new compact MPV, Roomster. Like the Octavia Scout, the Roomster Scout gets newly designed bumpers at the front and rear, body-colour side mouldings and profiled door sills. Protective strips on the wheel housings, sumpguard protection (front and rear) and the higher ground clearance complete the 4x4 package. But unlike its Octavia counterpart, I highly doubt that the Roomster Scout will get a 4x4 drivetrain.

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Suzuki MIO: Fuel-Cell powered wheel chair!

Surprise, surprise! When it comes to fuel cell powered vehicles, everyone's mind goes straight to the automobile sector, but that's not the case here. Suzuki, who as we learned, is one of the largest manufacturers in the powered wheelchair market, is applying this promising technology to a prototype wheelchair that goes by the name MIO.
The MIO features a fuel cell that uses methanol as a fuel source to generate hydrogen and therefore electricity. Its tank holds 4 litres of methanol, enough to provide MIO with a range of approximately 40km / 25 miles. A large capacity Li-ion secondary battery acts as a store for the electricity generated and a back up source of power.
Other features of the compact sized MIO (1.200 mm long, 650 mm wide and 1.000 mm tall) include armrests that double up as safety barriers, ergonomic handlebars and a seat that has mesh-type fabric for good aeration and improved springing. While at this stage, the MIO remains just a prototype, we're still going to give Suzuki a big bravo.

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Bentley Havana Coupe

Bentley's upcoming coupe version of the Azure Convertible has been caught red handed during a typical test run. Car magazine, which posted the spy pic has info that the super luxurious coupe which will be named Havana will make its first appearance at next years Geneva Motor Show with sales commencing in 2008
While nothings sure yet, I don't think we'll have any surprises under the hood with the Havana receiving the same twin-turbocharged, 6,75-litre V8 engine as the Azure (450bhp / 336Kw & 875Nm / 645lb ft of torque).

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SCOOP: 2007 Ford Mondeo factory pics

We've already seen how the 2007 Ford Mondeo will look like -hey we've even seen the car in live action through the James Bond - Casino Royal movie trailer, but I'm sure this is something that white collar Ford workers wouldn't want us to see: the production version of the 2007 Mondeo Ford's factory in Genk Belgium. For obvious reasons, we put a black patch on the Ford worker that's giving us a thumb up...

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Official: Fiat, Alfa Romeo & Lancia 2007 – 2010 product plan!

Ciao Italia! Fiat Group hosted a two-day event for the men with the purses (financial analysts and institutional investors) on November 8 & 9. Who cares right? Well, somewhere between the espresso and the Stromboli, Fiat Group announced the trios (Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Lancia) future product plan.In fact, this product plan is so detailed that we are even told when the, yet to be unveiled, Fiat 500 (Trepiuno) will receive a facelift! Check it out for yourselves on the chart above -includes Fiat 500 Abarth, Grande Punto Abarth, Lancia 2009 Speciality model & Alfa Romeo 169, SUV & Junior debut dates.Related ArticlesFiat Grande Punto 1.4 TurboFiat LineaFiat BravoLancia Delta HPE Concept

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2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Sports sedan to debut at NAIAS

I know what your first question is, and the answer is yes: this is the model that will base the 10th generation EVO. But although we'll have to wait till October to see the new EVO, the "base" Lancer will make its official debut at the North American Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit (January 7).
Since it's a bit early for a full presentation, Mitsubishi decided to give us a teaser image of the next generation Lancer which leaves its predecessors "box on 4wheels" looks to rest in peace. As anticipated, the new Lancer which is based on Mitsubishi's first ever global platform (previewed in the second generation Outlander) sedan shares its design language with the Mitsubishi Design Europe-penned 2005 Concept-X and Concept-Sportback show cars.
According to Mitsubishi, the Lancer Sports Sedan will be launched progressively in world markets from Spring 2007 (North America gets it first). In Europe the Lancer Sport Sedan's basic version will be equipped with a 110Hp 1,5 litre engine. Later on (early 2008) we'll see a sportier 5door hatch version based on the Concept-Sportback (see picture) which will compete with C-Segment models like the VW Golf & Ford Focus.
But the best part is that the 5door hatch will also be available in a CZT guise equipped with a detuned version of the upcoming EVO's 2.0 Turbo engine producing about 220-240Hp. Mazda3 MPS's, VW Golf GTI's and Honda Type's better watch out cause a new kid is coming on the block...

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Cadillac showcases new SLS at Auto China 2006

At this year's international motor show in Beijing "Auto China 2006", Shanghai GM is showcasing its newest addition to its Chinese Cadillac line-up, the SLS. Looks familiar? Your right cause its nothing more than a long wheel based STS. To be exact, the SLS has been lengthened by 100mm to add rear seat legroom which is a common practice from luxury makers that enter the Chinese market.
BMW did the same with the Chinese version of the 5 Series so as to meet specific local needs in this primarily chauffeur-driven luxury segment. Three engine options will be available which include the 2.8L V6, a 3.6L V6 and the top-level Northstar 4.6L V8 with 239kW/320hp. The new SLS will be built at the Shanghai GM plant for the Chinese market

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Mercedes SLK Special "Edition 10"

Mercedes-Benz's Paris SLK showcar "Edition 10" (for the ten years of the SLK) has found its way to production as it will be available from January 2007. The special model is distinguished by a unique paint finish called "allanite grey Magno", available as an option for a limited edition of 350 vehicles. The rest of you will have to choose between a standard obsidian black metallic and the optional iridium silver metallic.
Other highlights of the "Edition 10" include dark-grey colored 17" alloy wheels, dark-tinted rear lights and engraved insignia bearing the lettering "EditI0n" on the wings. In the interior the seats, centre console armrest and gearshift lever are covered in black leather, with both seat backrests bearing the "EditI0n" logo. The special "Edition 10" model is available as an SLK 200Kwith 163 hp, an SLK 280 with the 231 hp 6cylinder engine or as an SLK 350 with 272 hp. Prices are as follows:

SLK 200K "Edition 10": 37,734.90 EUR
SLK 280 "Edition 10": 42,911.40 EUR
SLK 350 "Edition 10": 47,671.40 EUR

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2007 Mitsubishi Outlander European version

A few weeks after the presentation of the Outlander concept in Paris that previewed the European version of Mitsubishi's mid-size SUV we have the first official production pics. In terms of differences between the US and the Euro model, apart from the better-looking mask, there are none. Same goes for the interior which was left unchanged. As for the engine range, the European edition will receive a 140Hp VW 2.0 turbo-diesel and two petrol motors, a 4cylinder and a V6. Sales will start in Europe in the spring of 2007. We'll have more info on the Euro-Outlander later on.

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