Monday, November 06, 2006

Bearing Carrier – An Inside Story

by: Trish Dougherty

A bearing is a component in any machine that allows the forced relative rotational or linear movement between two parts. They are typically present between two parts of a machine to reduce friction. It is very important for any machine to work under very little friction so that it gives the optimum output and performance.

In addition, reduction in friction allows greater life period and greater dependability for any machine. This is where bearings come in handy. Bearings are broadly classified with relation to the motion they allow and also according to rationale of operation. Every machine which has either rotational movement or linear movement involved has to have bearings and thus bearing carrier. Bearings are basically round shaped shiny balls that revolve in their sockets and thus help in the movement of other parts of the machinery. They are either placed in-between two moving parts of the machine to reduce friction or to act as shock bearers.

A bearing carrier, in nonprofessional’s terms is a device that supports the bearing in their place in a machine. They are strategically placed plates, which hold the bearing in their place and help in their movement. As each bearing depends upon its utility for size, so are the bearing carriers. The movement of bearing differs in different machines and thus their size differs in different machines.

Bearing carriers come in different shapes as well; this too depends upon the nature of movement of the bearing and the part of machine where the bearing is to be used. A very important aspect of bearing carriers is that they have to be produced keeping in mind the weight and the space available for them to fit in the machine. Also they are to be produced keeping in mind that they do not hamper the ultimate reason for the existence of bearings in the machine, that is to reduce friction. With respect to the work, the bearings are supposed to do, the bearing carriers are made to give minimal wear and tear but maximum stability.

There are various kinds of bearing carriers available in the market, but you should go for the best bearing carrier available that suffices your needs. You should also take care to ask for warranty from the dealers. Depending upon the principle of operation of a carrier, they are made using different materials. Also, they have to be sometimes so complicatedly placed that material used & the crafting matters to the 10th decimal point as well. Usually you should go for those bearing carriers that are made by specialist manufacturers.

Supposing you have a need for bearing carrier for Volvo machine, there are companies that produce bearing carriers only for Volvo machines, thus you should search the market before making any decision.

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