Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Used Machines of the Vintage Kind

by: Kundan Bajaj

On the used cars listings vintage scores the highest

The only car that I can accept for myself as a used car has to be a vintage car. Vintage cars no doubt are the prized possessions of the well-healed and the people with taste. The connoisseurs of such cars are quite a passionate lot and love to spend lavishly on their passions. They are in fact quite mad when it comes to those old machines, the sight of which brightens their eyes, and they can pay just any price if one catches their fancy.

I can recall the shenanigans of an old friend of mine who happened to pass by a vintage car rally in the suburb of the capital of India. He got mesmerized by the class and the gentry that he could see behind the wheels of those oldies.

The rally sight was transforming for him. As soon as the rally ended he headed for a renowned auto dealer of used cars. He placed with him an order for a vintage lady if the auto dealer could lay his hands on for him.

Those who sell vintage cars are thought to be fool while those who buy such cars are appreciated for the disposable wealth they are willing to put into the machines which are no longer worth the metal at a scarp dealer’s. This is the world of notions harbored by the rich and well, not necessarily the famous.

This friend of mine one day was shown a vintage Ford. He kind of drooled over it as if he met his salvation. The ‘beauty’ was brought home in plying condition.

He drove it for few days and flaunted too before it became a full time occupation to look for its spares as they gave way one after the other. The garage where he purchased and got his vintage serviced had good time making money over his ordeal about his passion.

At the moment it is gathering dust in his garage. My friend has plans to take it to a better and bigger garage though.

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